Tidal Offers Filipino Dishes With A Modern Twist

Crab Cake: warm crab salad, roasted bell pepper, kaffir rice cake, nasturtium and avocado mousse

Located among the lush surroundings of the Paradise Point Resort, Tidal is a waterfront restaurant boasting stunning views of Mission Bay.

House Made Pandesal Rolls: sweet bread, garlic parmesan and turmeric butter

Choose to sit in the open dining room, near the large and bustling exhibition kitchen, or on the outdoor patio with soft breezes and a warm fire pit. Sunsets are especially popular here, with the crimson light shimmering off the water as sailboats gently crisscross the Bay.

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Celebrate Cinco de Mayo

Del Sur Drinks (courtesy photo)

A day of celebration and superb Mexican dishes, Cinco de Mayo is almost here, and tacos and tequila are in order. With so many Mexican restaurants nestled in San Diego’s culinary enclave, it can be difficult to find your Cinco de Mayo go-to. Rest assured, here is a list of the city’s best Mexican eateries serving up authentic tacos and tequila.

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Popular Pizza Eateries

Veggie Pizza at Woodstock’s (courtesy photo)

We all know the importance of maintaining a well-rounded diet, and what food could be better-rounded than a fresh and steaming pizza pie?  With so many options, it can be hard to find the best spot to satisfy all of your pizza cravings.  Find your own slice of heaven at any one of these popular San Diego pizza eateries to keep your pizza party going all week long.

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