National Mac N’ Cheese Day

The Maine Event at barleymash (courtesy photo)

Instead of boring yourself with boxed mac n’ cheese, get out and celebrate this cheesy concoction with some of the best crafted cuisine San Diego has to offer on National Mac N’ Cheese Day July 14th.

For cheese, spice, and everything nice, Barrel Republic in Oceanside has created Spicy Four Chile Mac & Cheese. A butternut cheese sauce that combines jalapeno, poblano, and red bell peppers is just what cheese lovers everywhere need to put the extra pep in their step. Flavored with ghost chile salt and chile oil, this pasta is the perfect way to seize the day.

For a macaroni and cheese deal that is a sure steal, visit Bellamy’s in Escondido. As a part of their Fantastic Foodie Event going on all summer long, Bellamy’s is celebrating National Mac N’ Cheese Day by featuringLobster Mac N’ Cheese for just $16 and Prosciutto Mac N’ Cheese for only $10. For a farm to table experience in a relaxed dining environment, Bellamy’s is sure to deliver affordable mac n’ cheese without sacrificing quality and flavor. Come celebrate with one, or both, of these creamy creations.

The Truffle Chicken Mac ‘N’ Cheese at True North Tavern is a creative alternative to a classic mac. After adding grilled ancho chicken and tender mushrooms, this parmesan pasta is coated in a thick four cheese sauce and topped with fresh herbs and seasonings. A drizzle of truffle oil and a sprinkle of parmesan cheese gives this dish its flavorful finish.

Visit barleymash and treat yourself to a royal feast. As its name suggests,The Maine Event is the true embodiment of National Mac N’ Cheese Day. barleymash, located in the heart of Gaslamp, has managed to take their delicious white truffle oil and parmesan coated pasta and make it even better by adding anejo tequila and butter-poached Maine lobster meat. A true attention grabber, this mac is guaranteed to taste as good as it looks.