New BeShock Ramen and Sake Bar

BeShock Roll La Jolla (courtesy photo)

Nestled in East Village’s culinary enclave, BeShock Ramen and Sake bar is a trendy addition to San Diego’s diverse and ever-growing restaurant scene. Boasting a menu of authentic Japanese cuisine, BeShock offers ramen yielding a lighter take on the traditional dish, with a focus on local vegetables and classic Japanese seasonings.

BeShock Pork Chashu Bowl (courtesy photo)

Owners Ayaka Ito and Masaki Yamauchi envision a culinary hotspot tailored to suit the daily lives of busy San Diegans seeking meals that won’t leave them feeling “heavy” or over-indulged. Curated by certified Sake Master Ayaka Ito, the restaurant’s sake selection is crafted around the restaurant’s menu items, with an emphasis on pairing the flavors from each dish to its sake counterpart. Ayaka’s extensive two-year sake and ramen research in Japan has further enabled her to construct a concept that is true to the Japanese culinary facet, while also encouraging her to meld her own flavor expertise with traditional cuisine.

BeShock’s intentionality extends beyond the food and into the meaning of the restaurant’s name. Stemming from the Japanese word for “the beauty of food” or “gastronomy,” BeShock brings its own sense of identity to the table, as even their logo is a construction of symbols, including a chicken beak, pig hoof, sake cup, ramen bowl and a Celsius symbol, all of which hold significance in the ramen and sake realm. Inherently a forward-thinking dining enterprise, BeShock’s venue is adorned with sleek, modern décor, and showcases a spacious design with an open floor plan. A progressive and culturally-inspired eatery, BeShock is San Diego’s go-to ramen spot.