PALETA Farm To Table Meals

PALETA Farm To Table MealsLos Angeles-based meal delivery brand PALETA has recently entered the San Diego market. 

Starting this month, San Diegans can officially get healthy farm-to-table meals from PALETA delivered right to their doorsteps. The brand’s Executive Chef and CEO, Kelly Boyer, sources all ingredients from local farms, cruelty-free ranches and responsible fisheries, guaranteeing any meal plan to be healthy, smart and delicious. 


PALETA Farm-To-Table Meal Delivery 

Home to Southern California’s first certified green kitchen, PALETA delivers clients a healthy twist on haute cuisine using ingredients sourced from local farms, cruelty-free ranches, and responsible fisheries. PALETA meal plan options include: 

  • Market Menu ($46-$57/day) – The most economical program, this menu is designed to help you meet your dietary goals while being adventurous with your palate. Chef Kelly chooses your complete day of meals from sustainable and seasonal ingredients arriving fresh from the farm daily. Vegan options available.
  • Perfect Plate ($57-$76/day) – The most flexible plan, this menu allows you to customize your meals. Meals can be created the way you want, whether that’s high-protein, gluten-free, soy-free, dairy-free, vegan or allergy-conscious.
  • Pregnancy ($59-$79/day) – This plan addresses the unique nutritional needs of new and expecting moms during the different trimesters and phases of pregnancy. Whether it’s focusing on preconception health, prenatal nutrition, or postnatal weight loss, the program includes everything needed to nourish mommy and baby, including proprietary daily supplement packets of the highest quality vitamins.

Meal levels include: 

  • PALETA Fit-Designed to help you lose weight while maintaining a healthy, satisfying diet, PALETA Fit offers 3 meals and 1 nutritious snack to put you on the fast track toward losing stubborn body fat.
  • PALETA Lifestyle- Designed to maintain excellent health and high energy, PALETA Lifestyle provides you with 3 healthy meals and 2 snacks each day to eliminate hunger and keep your metabolism working for you.
  • PALETA Performance- Designed for athletes and those on the go. Offers larger protein and vegetable portions and includes protein in the two daily snacks. You’ll get the fuel you need!

Price & Availability: $46-$79/day; Available at for delivery throughout California and select areas of Arizona and Nevada.


PALETA Farm To Table Meals San DiegoPALETA Cold-Pressed Juices
Eliminate toxins for a healthier immune system, faster metabolism and high energy levels with PALETA Cold-Pressed Juices. To avoid oxidation and keep nutrients, minerals and enzymes in tact, PALETA presses its produce, 
rather than chopping and grinding in a blender. Some of the benefits of juicing include:

·      A Rapid Absorption of Vitamins, Minerals, and Plant-Based Nutrients

·      Liver Detoxification

·      Weight Loss

·      Better Digestion

Price: $79 (one day) to $498 (seven days); Available at

PALETA Pressed Potables 

Just add spirits! PALETA’s Pressed Potables liven up any cocktail when added to your spirit of choice. The collection boasts an array of fresh and delicious organic fruits, vegetables, nuts and spices to quench your thirst and tantalize your taste buds. Typical sugary, syrupy mixers are high in calories and will contribute to hangover headaches, but PALETA’s 100% organic, cold-pressed Potables will allow you to stay slim and feel fresh the next day. Flavors include: 

·      Key Lime Serran-Aide Margarita – a mix of lime, serrano, coconut 

·      Agave Maria – a mix of tomato, cucumber, red pepper, carrot, romaine lettuce, celery, jalapeno, agave 

·      Prickly Pear Cosmo – a mix of nopal cactus, pear, aloe, lemon

·      Sunshine State Sunrise – a mix of orange, grapefruit, cayenne

·      Coco Colada Crush – a mix of coconut H2O, pineapple, lime

·      Holiday ‘Nog – a mix of almond cashew, alkaline H2O, coconut, date, vanilla bean, nutmeg, turmeric, cardamom, maple syrup, sea salt

·      Magic Milkshake Mudslide – a mix of almond, hazelnut, alkaline H2O, coconut, date, cacao, cinnamon, sea salt

·      Apple Orchard ‘Tini – a mix of granny smith, honeycrisp, fuji, ginger, lemon

Price: $54-$60 for a 3-pack, Available at


Paleta Power Up Hand-Crafted Energy Bars

All-natural | Vegan | Gluten-free 

Paleta’s hand-crafted energy bars are packed with nutrient-rich ingredients:   

  • Oats – lower cholesterol, control blood pressure, reduce risk of type-2 diabetes, control hunger pains by increasing appetite-control hormones
  • Nuts – combine fiber and protein to keep you feeing full longer and moderate overall food intake (
  • Peanut and almond butter – contain heart-healthy monounsaturated fats
  • Tahini – mineral-rich, aids in liver detox and promotes healthy cell growth

Flavors: Crispy Sunflower (nut-free), Almond Fig, Peanut Butter Cranberry, Chai Cherry Walnut, Coconut Cacao Cashew 

Price: $29/dozen at

Paleta Power Up Must Be Nuts 

Packed with health benefits, Paleta’s flavored almond packs are the perfect go-to energy snack when on the run. Packed with health benefits, almonds reduce the lower bad cholesterol, reducing the risk of heart attacks; alkalize the body to enhance bone and teeth strength; and protect arteries from damage. A healthy fat, they also work to aid in weight loss by naturally satisfying cravings and decreasing the post-meal rise in blood sugar and insulin.

Price: $29/dozen at


PALETA Farm To Table MealsPALETA Founder, Executive Chef & CEO, Kelly Boyer

Kelly Boyer started PALETA out of her own kitchen in 2005. Her initial concept? Deliver clients a healthy twist on haute cuisine using ingredients sourced from local farms, cruelty-free ranches, and responsible fisheries. As a survivor of late-stage terminal cancer at age 21, Kelly’s mission was simple: Introduce the world to a healthier lifestyle.

Today, PALETA is a positive force from coast to coast. Home to Southern California’s first certified green kitchen, PALETA provides meal delivery services, cleanses, organic cold-pressed juices and Potable cocktail elixirs and healthy snacks throughout CA, and select areas of AZ and NV. PALETA ships the Purify Cleanse, Pressed Juice Detoxes & Potables, and Power Up snacks nationwide.

Kelly had graduated with honors from Le Cordon Bleu culinary arts program in 2005. She had put on a few pounds as a result of her classical French cuisine background, and decided to use her cooking techniques to create healthier meals. Friends started asking her tocook for them, referring her to friends, relatives, physicians, personal trainers, and so on and her passion project became her calling. Kelly became a licensed integrative nutritionist to further deepen her understanding of how to help her clients lead an extraordinary life.

Before PALETA, Kelly was successful in the corporate world. She graduated with honors from Northwestern University’s masters program in Business & Organizational Development and spent time as an HR exec at Fortune 100 companies: At The Disney Stores, Inc., she was involved in international global expansion; At Capitol Records, sheworked on the creation of a new licensing division; At start-up internet company GeoCities, she lead the HR function, taking the company through an IPO and assisting in acquisition by Yahoo! Even when climbing the corporate ladder, she was an entrepreneur at heart.