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Desserts You’ll Fall For This Season

Woodstocks Cinnabread
Woodstocks Cinnabread

As the seasons change and the summer heat disappears, there’s one thing that is sure to keep brightening everyone’s day… dessert! Every meal should be concluded with something to satisfy your sweet tooth so here are our six stunning dessert recommendations to make this upcoming fall as sweet as can be.

Whether they’re carved, painted or made of plastic, pumpkins will surely be found everywhere as fall approaches… especially on your plate! Ignore the traditional pumpkin pie and head over to barleymash in the Gaslamp for their Pumpkin Crème Brulee served with brown butter cream cheese, whipped cream and chocolate-dipped pumpkin seed brittle.

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Local Chefs Feature Tasty Regional Cuisine

Jaime Chavez, Javier Plascencia, Patrick Ponsaty, Alberto Morreale

In San Diego, one-of-a-kind eateries go above and beyond to bring truly authentic cuisine from around the world to America’s Finest City. You’ll be transported to Mexico, Chile, France and Italy after seeing four of San Diego’s most notable chefs with rich cultural back stories that have contributed to some of the best local bites from around the world.

South America

Taking inspiration from the rich cultures of Latin America, Sirena Cocina Latina welcomes guests to venture down the Baja coast and beyond with exquisite, protein-packed plates created by Chilean chef, Jaime Chavez. Chef Chavez comes from a long lineage of Chilean bakers, went to Chile’s oldest culinary university and was iconic Chef Montse Estruch’s apprentice at Spanish Le Cingle Restaurant. Each item on Sirena’s menu is made with locally-sourced ingredients, contributing to the freshness of hand-crafted dishes such as Octopus, Tiraditos, Tostadas and Ceviches.

Built on the roots of generations of Mexican families, Bracero Cocina de Raiz transports its guests to an authentic Mexican kitchen right down to the home-made tortillas.  Renowned executive chef and owner, Javier Plascencia, is no stranger to south-of-the-border tastes having being called the “Figurehead of Baja Cuisine” and “Master of the New Tijuana.” His Bracero menu is just as authentic as his background, featuring refined plates rooted in tradition such as Shrimp & Bone Marrow Sopes and Carrot Aguachile.

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Wine And Dine At These Unique Eateries

fig-tree-cafe-pacific-beachWith all of the distractions from everyday life coming from our technology-driven society, sometimes it’s nice to enjoy a meal with friends and not have to worry about the extra background noise. These San Diego restaurants have it covered and provide the perfect ambiance for you to enjoy a meal without any TV screens announcing the latest news or big-game score. Venture into these unique eateries and enjoy some quality time with friends, savor the dishes in front of you and raise a glass to TV-free dining.

This chic bistro welcomes food-lovers from far and wide to enjoy American fare fused with French influences. Bellamy’s, a hidden gem in Escondido boasts a modern yet relaxing atmosphere featuring specialty cocktails, specials and nightly live music. This finely crafted food captures the farm to table concept and features dishes like the Baked Goat Cheese Crottin complete with baby beet salad, watercress and porcini soil and cocktails like the Watermelon-Cilantro Margarita, sure to awaken your senses. Unwind at this unique eatery and groove alongside live entertainment and creative cocktails.

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Dreaming of Ice Cream

Westroot Beer Float
Westroot Beer Float

Remember the days when you’d beg your mom and dad to buy you double scoops of your favorite ice cream? Well now you can relive those sweet moments and cool off at one of these hotspots and beat the heat with a tasty treat.

Shake it on over to Encontro in North Park for an unforgettable ice cream adventure with cups full of deliciousness. Sit near their large windows that look out onto University Ave and dig into one of their hand-crafted shakes made with ice cream from their neighbors, Hammond’s. Even the pickiest of sweet teeth will be satisfied with their wide-selection of flavors such as churro, salted caramel, banana brownie fudge, cheesecake chocolate, strawberry, vanilla and build-your-own.

Newly opened WESTroot, has a float of a different kind! Sugar, caramel and butter all combine to make one mouth-watering treat, the WESTroot Beer Float! Get your sweet tooth ready for a melody of root beer, caramelized popcorn and popcorn ice cream… yes, that’s a thing!

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Explore Newly Crafted Menu Items

Common Theory Public House
Common Theory Public House Kalbi Skewers

In San Diego there are talented chefs and kitchens taking on the challenge for fresh ideas and newly crafted plates. Grab a friend or two and go on an adventure exploring the city’s hottest creations from menus that are hot off the stove!

Set sail to Sirena Cocina Latina where their executive chef, Jamie Chavez, is putting his flavor-filled travels to good use.  With seafood, premium meats and local farms being expertly utilized, up-and-coming Chef Chavez has added a classy selection of appetizers, raw bar items, salads and entrees to the menu. One prized plate is the Po’ Boy Chilean Tenderloin, served with thick-cut French fries and with caramelized onions, a sunny side egg and green pebre atop the flawlessly grilled beef tenderloin.

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Chic Bistro Gets A Facelift

Bellamy's BistroSomething new has sprouted at Bellamy’s Restaurant, an Escondido gem. This chic bistro utilizes seasonal ingredients for an ever-evolving, farm-to-table menu filled with robust flavors. Now, it has breathed life into a recently revitalized space that will celebrate the timeless tastes of upscale, modern California-French cuisine.

Fine dining and an atmosphere to match can now be enjoyed by locals and visitors alike in a newly remodeled space, placing Bellamy’s first in its class among North County eateries. After partnering with San Diego-based Solc Interiors for the new design, the restaurant is ready for a grand unveiling. Bellamy’s enhanced interior reflects a mixed style, with mid-century modern and industrial touches throughout. After stepping through the door, a community-style, reclaimed walnut table lures diners in for a conversation among friends, or a fine family dining experience. It’s just the place to capture a view of your meal coming to life in the demonstration kitchen. Custom-designed pieces are the focal point here, with walnut tables throughout, luxurious oversized booths beneath smoked mirrors, a glistening chandelier and a rejuvenated exposition bar with leather-wrapped and studded accents.

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