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Fish Shop Halibut Recipe

San Diego Food FindsAre you looking for new ways to prepare lighter dishes? Enter a sea of possibilities from Hermosa Beach Fish Shop, Pacific Beach Fish Shop and Encinitas Fish Shop. Offering the freshest seafood, as well as seasonings and sauces made from scratch, it’s a breeze to get hooked on tasty entrees such as the Lemon Butter Halibut. Infused with the flavor of lemon and accompanied by a blend of sautéed vegetables, the recipe is so easy and versatile, you can switch out the fish for salmon, cod, shrimp or scallops.

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Build Your Own Taco At The Fish Shop

fish-shopThe Fish Shop’s build-your-own taco option is a great choice! With three locations in Southern California, The Fish Shop in Pacific Beach, Encinitas, and Hermosa Beach offers the freshest fish east of the beach.

It’s quick and easy…. All you do is pick the type of fish, choose your favorite marinade, get it fried or grilled, and then determine if you want it served on a corn or flour tortilla.  And we’re not only talking about basic fish selections like halibut and salmon, but also the option to choose diver scallops and lobster for your taco.

Fish Shop’s knowledgeable staff easily answers questions like which marinades pair best with various types of fish to ensure diners are getting exactly what they want. For those intimidated with the plethora of options, Fish Shop also offers their award-winning TKO taco—Mahi Mahi with their secret Fish Shop seasoning, served in a corn tortilla with tropical salsa.

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Chow Down At Crawfish Cookout

Crawfish CookoutGather around for a Southern-style seafood feast! Everyone knows that the best place to enjoy Cajun-inspired, deliciously fresh crawfish is Louisiana. Starting at the end of March, Pacific Beach Fish Shop is bringing that experience to San Diego at the Crawfish Cookout. Dust the sand off of your feet and chow down on the traditional delicacy straight from a spicy Cajun boil.

The spring cookouts will kick off on Tuesday, March 29th with a local brewery providing beer pairings. The gathering will feature a spicy Cajun boil with live Louisiana crawfish, served by the pound. The meal is complete with all the fixins’—corn on the cob, red potatoes and spicy Andouille sausage. The feast begins at 3:00 p.m. and ends when they run out, so be sure to arrive early!

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